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Completed 5* High Rise condo - Fully furnished and Developer financed Payment Plan...
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Tax law in Thailand

Tax Law for Buying and Selling Property in Thailand

There are certain tax laws for buying and selling property in every country that needs to be...
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Pattaya Condominium Market slows down

Pattaya has been developing its status in real estate industry for many years and maintaining its...
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Affordable condos in Pattaya

Buy Affordable condos in Pattaya

No Doubt, Thailand has been one of the best tourist attraction in recent years due to its...
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A guide to renting a condo in pattaya

A Guide to Renting a Condo in Pattaya

The popularity of Pattaya is expanding due to accelerated real estate business, so finding a condo...
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Buying a condo in pattaya

Why Buying a Condo in Pattaya?

Condominiums in Pattaya, Thailand are optimal for first-time home buyer and older people who are...
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real estate terms to know

10 Real Estate Terms You Should know

Basic understanding of real estate concept is important before entering into home buying process...
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Pre-sale Condos Investment

Are Pre-sale Condos Investment A Wise One?

Thailand condominiums are the most easiest and straightforward option to buy as a foreigner. While...
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