Are Pre-sale Condos Investment A Wise One?

Pre-sale Condos Investment

Thailand condominiums are the most easiest and straightforward option to buy as a foreigner. While there are a few laws set up keeping outsiders from condos investment is totally legitimate and is supported by the basic procedure behind it. These reasons always raise a question Are Pre-sale Condos Investment A Wise One?

Mostly in Pattaya, Thailand, condominium developments have taken major steps and there is a plenty of condominium to choose from. Among these multiple options, you can take your time to select the most appropriate and satisfactory condos.

If you are still confused and couldn’t find the perfect property from the available condos then there is an option of pre-sale condos. Investing your available time in looking for the apartments that are not built yet has fewer advantages in it. However, it relies on upon how much time you have and what your long haul venture methodology is for purchasing a condominium.

Talking about the advantages, some reasons which could benefit you from buying a pre-sale condo are:

Design Preferences

Selecting your perfect design while buying an apartment is distressing and mediocre. Thus, the pre-sale option provides you more flexibility and helps you to build your home of dreams. The pre-sale option gives you the opportunity to perfectly customize your apartment that perfectly suits your tastes. Each and every nooks and corner of your apartment can be furnished and designed absolutely as per your taste and there won’t be any dissatisfaction as you buy premium condos. You can request every detail to be designed before the condos are actually built and finished.

Lower Net Cost

One of the greatest points of interest of purchasing a pre-deal loft is that you can spare a ton of cash. Upon consummation, the loft costs will rise. They bit by bit increment in esteem amid development and afterward they achieve their premium once the condominium advancement has development has wrapped up.

If you are planning on multiple condos investment at once and have the patience until the condominiums are fully completed, it will definitely save you a huge amount of money if you lock the pre-sale deal. Because after completion of condominiums the prices goes up-high and may cost you a fortune.

You will, obviously, require some capital for your underlying interest in the pre-deal property, with the end goal for you to pay for the townhouses to be fabricated. However, most designers offer extremely appealing installment arranges and once you begin to lease the property to occupants, the arrival on venture will be increased.


Purchasing a townhouse amid the pre-sale period is moderate, as well as will require less money in advance. Typically designers are extremely energetic to get the deals closed down in this stage along these lines will permit you to stun installments as opposed to paying for the whole thing in one single amount (which is important to do when you purchase a contended extend).

Lower Maintenance Costs

Buying a condominium that is not brand new may leave you with many potential vulnerabilities and massive maintenance cost in near future. Even if the condo has not been used, but the building may be affected by various factors like old technologies, rusting infrastructures, and maximum expose to the extreme weather etc. Therefore, a pre-sale condo saves your condo from all these extreme factors. You don’t have to worry about maintenance of apartment which is not built yet and that leaves you stress-free.

In Pattaya, Thailand, there are many pre-sale condos available along with its promising developments standards which will definitely benefit you in various ways. For more information about these promising condos investment details, you can contact us.

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