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 Having your own condo in magnificent Pattaya is the next step to a Luxurious Lifestyle. Pattaya has a rare combination of being both, a beach destination and having all the amusements & comforts of a big metropolis city. The delights of sun, sea and sand combined with the commercial and tourist attractions has made the city a big winner among the top cities from all over the globe. Also, the exciting Nightlife of Pattaya never cease to amaze and Lifestyle here is a class beyond the ordinary life.

When the markets are experiencing challenging times and when the conditions are changing, it is always advised to call upon the services of an experienced and reputable team that is familiar with the Pattaya market. Here at Condos Pattaya, we have experienced both the ups and downs of the market. 
We also deal Houses and Landplots and We are always looking forward to offer good and reliable advice to help you get the Best Property for the Best Deal. 

So, Planning to by a Luxurious Condo as a second home, an investment property, a permanent residence or a retirement home ?

Condos Pattaya offers you over
600+ Condo for sale Pattaya and 
central locations!


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Björn Peters
International Sales Manager
Björn Peters
International Sales Manager
Born and raised in The Netherlands Bjorn moved to Thailand 2014 and started his career in the Pattaya Real Estate market. Bjorn puts this experience to use advising clients on sale and rental transactions as well as properties for investment. His confidence and outgoing personality are sure to make him one of the top real estate agents in Pattaya.


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Thailand is still the destination of millions of tourists drawn to its tropical beauty, its hospitable people, and world class

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The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan under the Thailand 4.0 government policy is being
implemented to enhance the

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Thailand is based upon reliable ownership alternatives for foreigners in accordance
with the Thai laws and recommended by the Thai Government.

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